Here s The One Safety Modification That Should Be Made To Almost Every Classic Car #One

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#One | I’m a huge fan of keeping old cars stock. Look at my fleet of hoopties, and you’ll see that the only vehicle with modifications is the one that I ruined with a lift kit. But now I’m working on a 1966 Ford Mustang, and I simply cannot in good conscience keep it stock. It’s just too dangerous.
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Mindset for Weight Loss 10 Mind Hacks to Lose Weight Permanently nbsp

#Mind | Every weight loss strategy begins with this one step. It starts with the right mindset. Start by embracing these 10 mindsets for weight loss!
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Mom s Roast Chicken

#Mom | This roast chicken is what I crave the most when I am away from home. The spice rub is so good (although you can switch it up with whatever spices you have on hand), and the vegetables and lemon slices cook down and caramelize under the chicken. I love to serve this roast chicken with fluffy white rice so I…
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